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Recommended System Requirements

  • Broadband / High Speed Internet connection, 25 Mbps download speed or higher is recommended.
  • On PC or Mac, a modern web browser with JavaScript enabled:
    • Chrome (Preferred. Current, or last two versions)
    • Safari (Current, or last two versions)
    • Firefox (Current, or last two versions)
    • Edge (Current, or last two versions)
  • For iPads: the current iOS version, or the last two versions.
  • For Android Tablets: the current OS version, or the last two versions.
  • 1024 x 768 minimum resolution.
  • For Chromebooks: the current Chrome OS, or last two versions; the current version of the Chrome browser or the last two versions.

Bandwidth Estimates

myON offers a vast collection of digital books ranging from a few pages to hundreds of pages. Books vary in size, with some under 10 MB and others exceeding 300 MB. These books feature recorded audio and layouts that closely replicate the printed page, complete with photos and illustrations. Book pages are downloaded just before turning, optimizing data usage. The contents of pages are cached locally, dependent on browser configurations and School District IT policies.

Firewall, Network Settings, and IP Addresses

These addresses must be allowed by your firewall for myON to work properly:

Minimum (The "*" character denotes a wildcard.)

  • Access to Port 443 must be allowed (for HTTPS access to myON).

Recommended (The "*" character denotes a wildcard.)

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Last Revised: April 26, 2024